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Italy FLOWX year-round summary 1. 2020 year-end summary report

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Italy FLOWX year-round summary

1. 2020 year-end summary report

From January 25, 2021 to January 28, 2021, Italian flowx company held a staff summary meeting. The general manager of the company and the heads of the production department, business department, and administrative departments attended the meeting. The office participated in the meeting by video conference. The meeting first listened to work reports from various departments of the company. The head of the department concisely summarized the work in 2020, carefully looked for the shortcomings in the work, conducted an in-depth analysis of the reasons for the insufficient work, and put forward the ideas for improvement in 2021.

2. leader's speech

Mr. Tang Jianfeng, the general manager, fully affirmed the work achievements of each department in 2020, and pointed out the problems and deficiencies in the work at the same time. He asked all departments to perform their duties and responsibilities, adjust their work thinking based on problems and work goals in a timely manner, pay attention to details, implement measures, and make every effort to promote the smooth completion of annual goals and tasks. He emphasized that in 2021, we will focus on the following aspects: First, we will do our best to do a good job in the safety production management system to ensure the orderly implementation of the 5S management system. The second is to emphasize customer stratification and provide direction guidance for the next focus of the sales department.

After that, Mr. Zhao Weibo, the vice president, made a strategic plan for the work improvement measures of the relevant departments in 2021, including the technical department’s participation in the management of the technical department’s personnel and the formulation of rules, the procurement department’s formulation of a system to clarify procurement responsibilities, and supervision of the procurement department to complete daily purchase orders. The 3+2 plan focuses on the specific operation process of Italian FLOWX in the cultivation and development of newcomers. In the guidance of the business work, guiding opinions on the operation methods of each link after the refinement are made.


During the period, the sales department conducted on-site simulation demonstrations around visiting customers, which not only exercised the communication skills of salespersons, but also allowed other colleagues to learn lessons from it. Let the salesmen face their own shortcomings in a lively atmosphere and improve their business capabilities.

Employee recognition

Employee recognition

After the meeting, FLOWX Italy commended the "Best Team" and "Best Individual" that emerged in 2021.

FLOWX spirit

The employees carefully analyzed themselves at this summary meeting and clarified the direction of work improvement in 2021. The so-called benefited a lot. The employees all said: Being a FLOWX person is the honor and pride of everyone!