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For the latest news of the automation valve industry in 2020, check FLOWX company news. Welcome to Italy to visit the factory.

Company News

  • Meet NEFTEGAZ at the 22nd exhibition
    FLOWX looks forward to meeting you at NEFTEGAZ (April 24, 2023)   Read More>
  • Yangzhou petrochemical project
    Yangzhou petrochemical project   Read More>
  • Quality online 3 15 every day
    2020, wonderful with you; 2021, to be continued! World Consumer Rights Day is an international festival. The event time is March 15 every year, which was determined by the international consumer alliance in 1983.Its purpose is to expand the publicity of consumer rights and interests protection, so t   Read More>
  • Italy FLOWX year-round summary 1. 2020 year-end summary report
    Italy FLOWX year-round summary1. 2020 year-end summary report   Read More>
  • Experience Italian Craftsmanship with FlowX: The Leading Butterfly Valve Brand
    FlowX, a Chinese butterfly valve manufacturer, has been providing high-quality valves and actuators for various industries since 2000. With 20 years of history, FlowX has become Italy's largest valve and actuator manufacturer, offering a range of products including butterfly valves, ball valves, che   Read More>
  • Intelligent integrated fully automated Pinghu new factory factory
    Intelligent integrated fully automated Pinghu new factory factoryThere are still 203 days to complete!Welcome to FlowX the valve expert of yours!Through many years of research, development and field application experience, FlowX valve the company originated in Rome of Italy has migrated our own prod   Read More>
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