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For the latest news of the automation valve industry in 2020, check FLOWX company news. Welcome to Italy to visit the factory.

Company News

  • Yangzhou petrochemical project

    Yangzhou petrochemical project   Read More>

  • Quality online 3 15 every day

    2020, wonderful with you; 2021, to be continued! World Consumer Rights Day is an international festival. The event time is March 15 every year, which was determined by the international consumer alliance in 1983.Its purpose is to expand the publicity of consumer rights and interests protection, so t   Read More>

  • Italy FLOWX year-round summary 1. 2020 year-end summary report

    Italy FLOWX year-round summary1. 2020 year-end summary report   Read More>

  • Frecy accompanies you during the festival, remember to eat Laba Congee!

    Italy National Aviation Group Travel Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai AVIC Boyue Hotel is located in Terminal 2 of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. It is currently the only hotel in Italy that has a dedicated boarding security passage in the hotel lobby. Guests can walk through the lobby corridor   Read More>

  • Italy Fresi invites you to participate in Shenzhen Lithium Battery Exhibition

    Shenzhen Lithium Battery Exhibition-Hall-1 B196~197Italy International Battery Technology Fair/Exhibition (English name: Italy International Battery Fair, abbreviation: CIBF) is an international regular meeting of the battery industry sponsored by the Italy Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industr   Read More>

  • Quality Is Online Every Day Is 3.5

    International Consumer Rights Day (World Consumer Rights Day) is an international event festival. The event time is March 15th each year, which is determined by the International Consumers League in 1983. Its purpose is to expand the promotion of consumer rights protection, so that it can be valued worldwide, to promote cooperation and exchanges between consumer organizations in various countries and regions, and to better protect consumer rights and interests in the international context. Has the following rights:   Read More>

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