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For the latest news of the automation valve industry in 2020, check FLOWX company news. Welcome to Italy to visit the factory.

Industry News

  • The gospel of powder industry - expansion butterfly valve
    Development backgroundThe transportation of powder and particulates is a lasting challenge in the application of traditional industrial butterfly valves.1. Long-lasting wear caused by powder flow to the sealed valve seat.2. The powder trapped between the valve seat and plate intensified the abrasion   Read More>
  • New product recommendation
    New product recommendation --- Shanghai flowx Valve Co., LtdThe upward spreading discharge valve is mainly used to discharge, discharge, sample and close the dead zone at the bottom of the reactor, storage tank and other containers. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosionresistance   Read More>
  • Antifreeze and maintenance of valves in winter
    After entering winter, the temperature drops rapidly, and the valve often freezes. At this time, if it is not handled, the pipeline is easy to fail. Accidents may also occur under some high-risk working conditions. Therefore, the anti freezing treatment of the valve is very important. Before the tem   Read More>
  •  Selection of valve surface coating
    Corrosion is one of the important elements that cause valve damage. In valve protection, valve anti-corrosion is an important consideration. For metal valves, surface coating treatment is the best cost-effective protection method.一. The role of surface coating1. ShieldingAfter coating the metal surf   Read More>
  • How does a butterfly valve work?
    FLOWX Butterfly valves operate like other quarter turn valves. Understanding the way a basic butterfly valve works is pretty simple. It can help you to learn more about the components of valves.FLOWX butterfly valve is a type of quarter turn valve. A quarter turn valve can open or close whenever the   Read More>
  • Butterfly Valve Sewage Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide Featuring FLOWX
    ewage treatment is a critical process in the sanitation and hygiene sector, and one essential component of sewage treatment is the use of valves, which control the flow of fluids in pipelines and tanks. Butterfly valves are a popular choice in sewage treatment plants due to their durability, reliabi   Read More>
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