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For the latest news of the automation valve industry in 2020, check FLOWX company news. Welcome to China to visit the factory.

Industry News

  • How does a butterfly valve work?

    FLOWX Butterfly valves operate like other quarter turn valves. Understanding the way a basic butterfly valve works is pretty simple. It can help you to learn more about the components of valves.FLOWX butterfly valve is a type of quarter turn valve. A quarter turn valve can open or close whenever the   Read More>

  • Seawater desalination FLOWX valve project case

    The desalination project of Hangzhou SunupThe desalination project of Hangzhou Sunup. Water Treatment Company that we have already cooperated with them alot of projects.http://en.hzsunup.com/ website for referncen ,are you the same company that to deal with the same water treatments?   Read More>

  • Sewage treatment plant FLOWX valve project case

    China huge big Baihe Wastewater Treatment Plant Case of using FLOWX valveOur flowx Blue coulour valves have been working very well for Chinese huge big Baihe Wastewater Treatment Plant,that we cooperated in 2018year,they are stilll working very well, Awesome amazing quality and projects.really appre   Read More>

  • Pneumatic stainless steel butterfly valve benefits

    Pneumatic stainless steel butterfly valve benefitsThe butterfly plate of the pneumatic stainless steel butterfly valve is installed in the main direction of the pipe diameter. In the butterfly valve body cylindrical channel, disc butterfly plate around the centerline rotation, rotation direction is   Read More>

  • Difference Between an Electric And Pneumatic Actuator

    Electric as well as pneumatic actuators are quite well known for their varied uses. In case you are confused as to which type of actuator out of these two will suit your needs, then we are there to help you.An electric actuator is the one which makes use of electrical energy to produce mechanical en   Read More>

  • Benefits of a Pneumatic Actuator

    A pneumatic actuator works by converting energy, which is usually in the form of compressed air. When it comes to pneumatic actuators, they offer a number of advantages to the users.LISTED BELOW ARE FEW OF THE BENEFITS OFFERED BY THESE TYPES OF ACTUATORS:Components – Another major advantage offered   Read More>

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