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Ship cabin ballast water system
The BWMS treatment process of ballast water is divided into three steps: "filtration", "electrolysis of seawater to produce sodium hypochlorite for sterilization", and "neutralization"

Step 1:

"Filtration"—When filling water, use an automatic backwash filter with a filtration accuracy of 50um to filter all ballast water. This step can filter out most of the marine organisms and solid particles larger than 50um in size.

Step 2:

"Electrolysis of seawater to produce sodium hypochlorite for sterilization"-Take a small flow of seawater from the ballast water main line and flow it through the electrolysis device, electrolyze it to produce a high-concentration sodium hypochlorite solution. After the solution is degassed, it is injected back into the ballast water main pipe Road, mixed with the ballast water of the main pipe and diluted to a specific concentration. This concentration of sodium hypochlorite can effectively kill the remaining plankton, pathogens and their larvae or spores after filtration, and achieve the specified sterilization effect (D-2 and other standards). The concentration of active substances in the ballast water pipeline is determined by TRO Automatic control of analyzer and control system.

Step 3:

"Neutralization"-When the concentration of residual chlorine in the ballast water is less than the IMO specified value during ballast water discharge, the neutralization system will not start, and the ballast water will be directly discharged to the destination sea area; when the concentration of residual chlorine is greater than the IMO When the specified value is set, the neutralization system automatically starts, and the neutralizer is injected into the drainage pipe to neutralize the residual oxidant. The flow of the neutralizer is automatically controlled by the control system according to the concentration information fed back by the TRO detector.