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Electronic Actuator Ball Valve Flanged

1.We can provide 2 way and 3 way flanged ball valves.
2.Flanged ball valve body and ball are made of stainless steel.
3.Flanged ball valve is a full bore ball valve.Full bore pipeline ball valves the channel diameter and the same diameter, only a small fluid resistance, but also easy to clean pipes.
  • FP209

  • Flowx

  • 8481202000

Electronic Actuator Ball Valve Flanged

3 Way Ball Valve.jpg

Design Features

3 Way Ball Valve.jpg

  • 3-way ball valve any one port can use as an entry  didn't have leak. and can according to different case to change L-type or T-type make more convenient to install.

  • After the system pressure relief without having to remove the whole body will be able to inspect and repair.

  • 3-way ball valve is divided into L-type and T-type is suitable for the medium flow switch can make the perpendicular two channels connected. is suitable for medium of shunt, rivers or flow switch.

Product Materials:


3 Way Ball Valve.jpg No. Part Name Material
1 Body SUS316 SUS304
2 Disc SUS316 SUS304
3 Body SUS316 SUS304
4 Ball Seat PTFE
5 Slices PTFE
6 O-ring VITON
7 Slices PTFE
8 Packing PTFE
9 Sleeve SUS304
10 Butterfly Gasket SUS304
11 Pin Cover SUS316 SUS304
12 Handle Lock SUS304
3 Way Ball Valve.jpg 13 Handle Sleeve PLASTIC
14 Handle  SUS304
15 Handle Bolt SUS304
16 Axle Sleeve PTFE
17 Bolt SUS304
18 Disc SUS316 SUS304
19 Bolt SUS304
20 Location Pin SUS304
21 Bolt SUS304
22 Disc SUS316 SUS304



Automatic 3-way Flange Ball Valve:



3 Way Ball Valve.jpg


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