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HCCL Simple Type Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Application scenario:
Applicable to waterworks, municipal sewage, hospital sewage, industrial wastewater, secondary water supply, swimming pool water, industrial recycling water, aquaculture wastewater, and other projects.
  • FLX-HCCL-50
  • Flowx
  • 8543300090

Repolarization structure transparent electrolytic cell with high efficiency and low power consumption

1. The transparent structure of the electrolytic cell is conducive to the monitoring of the internal electrolytic process during the operation of the equipment, which is conducive to the determination of pickling time and timely pickling to ensure the continuous efficient and low-cost operation of the system

2. Pure titanium was selected as the substrate +MMO special technology coating for the electrode, chlorine potential was 1.12V(1.13V is common in the market), and the power consumption was lower;

3. The electrode USES a bipolar structure. Several electrolytic units are set in one electrolytic cell, which are directly connected in series through the electrolyte.

Equipment Specification

50 ~ 200g/h

Applicable to rural drinking water, secondary water supply and other disinfection disposal projects.

Dimension Parameter




Available Chlorine production(g/h)

water consumption(m3/h)

salt consumption(kg)

power consumptio


shell size L*W*H(mm)
FLX-HCCL-50 50 0.008 0.016 0.215 1020*850*1800


0.016 0.32 0.43 1020*850*1800
FLC-HCCL-200 200 0.032 0.64 0.86 1020*850*1800
FLC-HCCL-300 300 0.048 0.96 1.29 1020*850*1800
FLC-HCCL-500 500 0.08 1.6 2.15 1020*850*1800

Technological Process




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