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FLOWX Major products manufactured and provided are automation butterfly valve, automation ball valve.

Sodium hypochlorite generator

  1. Application : Applicable to industrial circulating water, waterworks, municipal sewage, hospital sewage, industrial wastewater, secondary water supply, swimming pool water, aquaculture wastewater, and other projects.

  2. Product's feature

  3. Substantial and durable

  • compact structure 

     Integrated structure design, compact fuselage, small floor space

  • All process pipes and electric control cables are integrated in the box body. Only one wire and three pipelines are needed for on-site installation, which is quick and convenient


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Contact Us

 E-mail : sales@flowxcontrol.com
 WhatsApp : +86-17317982006

 Wechat : +86-13774216069
 Add : B8, No2988, Minhang District, Shanghai, China.

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