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FLX Series Electric Actuator

- The Series is a low profile,compact,powerful actuator with customer-friendly features
- Manual declutchable handle lever
- Local high visibility dome postion indicator
- Digital interface available
- Optional microprocessor based moudulating control


Features & Benefits

  • 1. Strong features: intelligent regulation type, proportion type, switch type various signal output type, everything that you expect to find;

  • 2. Small and light: it’s volume and weight are merely equal to about 35% of traditional products;

  • 3. Elegant appearance: aluminum alloy cast shell refined and fluent reducing electromagnet tic interference;

  • 4. Reliable performance: key components like shaft bearings and electrical elements are imported famous-brand produces;

  • 5. High protection standard: IP 68 high standard protection level [detected by Shanghai instrumentation and autonomous system inspection and test institute);

  • 6. Precise and wear resistant: The worm wheel output shaft adopts integrated forging from special copper base alloy, and has high strength and good wearability;

  • 7. Extremely small return difference: its integrated structure avoids the gap of key-joints, and has high driving accuracy;

  • 8. Safety guarantee: it has passed 1500 V voltage endurance detection, it has class F insulation electromotor, and it has CE accreditation, so it has higher safety guarantee;

  • 9. Simple to mate: it adopts single phase power supply and simple connection loop, and we can also make it 380 V or DC

  • 10. Convenient to use: no need to oil and no need to make spot-check, and it is waterproof and rust-proof, and can install at any angle;

  • 11. Multi-speed: its whole range time is 9 Seconds, 13 Seconds, 15 Seconds, 30 Seconds, 50 Seconds, 100Seconds, and 150 Seconds (already set when leaving factory);

  • 12. Intelligent digital control: the intelligent control module is integrated in the electric actuator, so it need not connect an external localizer; digital setting, digital calibration, high precision, self-diagnosis, and multiple - feature in one device.

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