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Yangzhou petrochemical project

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Yangzhou petrochemical project

Valves used: pneumatic diaphragm regulating valve, pneumatic flange butterfly valve

Yangzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. - oil projects include exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas; Pipeline transportation of crude oil, natural gas and products; Refining crude oil into petroleum products, petrochemical industry, hereinafter referred to as petrochemical industry. Generally refers to the chemical industry with oil and natural gas as raw materials.

Metal, inorganic non-metallic materials and polymer synthetic materials are known as the three major materials. At present, the output of polymer synthetic materials provided by petrochemical industry all over the world is about 145 million tons. In 1996, China has exceeded 8 million tons. In addition to synthetic materials, petrochemicals also provide the vast majority of organic chemical raw materials. Within the scope of the chemical field, in addition to the chemical products provided by chemical minerals, the raw materials for petrochemical production play a great role in various departments.

Where there is a pipeline, there is a valve. The valve is the implementer of the control signal. Frexi's pneumatic diaphragm regulating valve and pneumatic butterfly valve are widely used in the petrochemical industry.