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Garbage Permeate Treatment Project

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Valves used: pneumatic flange butterfly valve, double ball valve

Garbage seepage is a black or yellow liquid with a foul smell, and the seepage liquid contains a large amount of organic and inorganic substances, including various insoluble organic substances such as various aromatic compounds and humus, etc.) , Inorganic salts such as ammonium, carbon wrinkled silver and broken acid, etc. and metal ions sub (such as chromium, lead and copper, etc.). Due to the complexity of the components in the garbage, one of the characteristics of the water quality of landfill leachate is that the content of pollutants is very high, and it often contains biological toxicity. If it is not strictly treated, it will cause serious pollution and bring various diseases.

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Landfills are mainly treated by building separate sewage stations. These leachate treatment plants generally use a combined process of physicochemical (pretreatment) + biochemical (including anaerobic and aerobic) + physical and chemical (advanced treatment) to achieve discharge standards.

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