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FLOWX Marine Butterfly Valves

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FLOWX Marine Butterfly Valves: Corrosion Resistant / Seawater Deck / Ballast Water Systems

Advantages: Butterfly Valves has simple structure, small size, light weight, low material consumption, small installation size, and fast switching

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The Main Function of a Marine Butterfly Valves

There are many types of Butterfly Valves, but there is a common function to all of them – to stop/start the flow of a medium in a pipeline. Another function is the regulation of media. Butterfly valves with specific features serve different purposes. For example, a double flange butterfly valve can be used at the end of a pipeline because of its mechanically stronger build.

The working of a Butterfly Valves is similar to that of a ball valve. Both of these valves belong to the quarter-turn valve family, so their mechanism is somewhat alike. When the handle of the valve is rotated 90°, either manually or by using a pneumatic system, the plate is turned. The position can either be perpendicular or parallel to the media flow, deciding the action of the valve.

Rotating the valve partially will help in media regulation applications. Partial positions of the plate allow a butterfly valve to throttle flow.

As a leading industrial valve supplier in China, FLOWX major products manufactured and provided are electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve and other series products. ISO, CE, GB and other products quality standard system certification were successfully acquired one by one in the past.