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butterfly valve 250mm

Quarter Turn Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator have this feature.
1.Rack and pinion actuator available in doubule acting spring return.
2.Standard units have anodized aluminum bodies with polyester coated end caps.
3.Internal bidirectional travel stops.
4.Coating for harsh enviroments.
5.SIL3 capable
6.Inregral porting
7.NAMUR accessory compatible
  • FLXDA52 DA63



  pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturers

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  pneumatic butterfly valve

butterfly valve 250mm - Pneumatic Fully Lined Butterfly Valve-1_1

Pneumatic Fully Lined Butterfly Valve

  • The lining butterfly valve body is a split type combination. Easy to assemble and seal adjustment, when the valve is working, only the fluoroplastic seat and the fluoroplastic valve plate are in contact with the medium.

  • The inner surface of the valve body channel is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, the CV value is high, the circulation capacity is strong, the torque is moderate, and the zero leakage of the medium is completely achieved. The valve is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, rapid in switching, beautiful in appearance, and excellent in craftsmanship. Reliable performance, light operation, long service life.

  • The valve can withstand any corrosive media other than molten alkali metals and elements. It is a gas, liquid, semi-fluid pipeline and container for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, steel smelting, papermaking, hydropower, and environmental protection systems. Do a quick cut-off and adjust the best product for your device.

  • Lining materials: PTFE, FEP, PFA, GXPO, etc.

  • Connection form: clip type, flange type, lug type connection

  • Drive mode: manual, turbine, electric, pneumatic

  Product Description

Product Description

  • All listed output torques are expressed in inch pounds of torque (in. lbs.).

  • Charts for available air pressure are expressed in pounds per square inch (P.S.I.).

  • FLOWX actuators offer ±5° adjustment in the open and closed positions on DA52 through DA-125 models.

  • For all other models, adjustment is in the open position only.

  • The closed position is 0° fixed. Optional retrofit kits are available to allow for adjustment in both open and closed positions on the DA-160, DA-200 and DA-270 models.

General Application

  • Ideally suited for many applications within the heating ventilation and air conditioning, water treatment and irrigation markets.

Technical Data

  • Rotation angle:0° to 180° Adjustable angle 0° to 180°

  • Air pressure:    2.5~8bar(Double acting), 3~8bar(Single acting)

  • Operating ambient temperature:     Standard Type:-20°C~+80°C

  • High temperature Type:     0°C~+180°C

  • Low temperature Type:     -45°C~+60°C 

  • Max Working Pressure:    10bar

  • Pressure:     5 to 10 bar

  • Work media:     Air (PNEUROP/ISO Class 4)

  • Connections:     ISO 5211 for brackets

  • DIN 3337 coupling (star shaped)

  • VDI/VDE 3845 for accessories

  • NAMUR for work media

  • Air supply connection:1/8" & 1/4" G type thread.

  • Surface material:     Hard anodized - 40μm

  • Life time:     One million times

  • Accessories:     positioner, Air Filter Regulator, lock up valve, travel switch, handwheel, etc... 

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  Parameter & Drawing

  • Flowx Brand Flowx series actuators which compact design,long life service,high quality,gear and gear rack.

  • This product is used for 90°C rorarionally valves,such as:ball valves,butterfly valves,plug valves etc.Our company put product quality as the first task,adpots the most advance production and technology,stronger than similar product on both prodcut quality and performance.


0-90° Rotary Pneumatic Actuator Parameter & Drawing


0-90° Rotary Pneumatic Actuator Parameter & Drawing

  Parameter & Drawing

  Production Flow


0-90° Rotary Pneumatic Actuator Production Flow


butterfly valve 250mm - Applications


butterfly valve 250mm- Applications1


butterfly valve 250mm - Applications2


butterfly valve 250mm - Applications2


butterfly valve 250mm - Applications2


butterfly valve 250mm - Applications2


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 butterfly valve 250mm Our exhibition

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butterfly valve 250mm Our exhibition

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butterfly valve 250mm Our exhibition

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