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Antifreeze and maintenance of valves in winter

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  After entering winter, the temperature drops rapidly, and the valve often freezes. At this time, if it is not handled, the pipeline is easy to fail. Accidents may also occur under some high-risk working conditions. Therefore, the anti freezing treatment of the valve is very important.

  Before the temperature drops, an all-round thermal insulation work shall be carried out for the valve device to make "preparations for winter".

  Prepare the necessary tools: insulation cotton, iron wire, vice, art knife, and carry an effective gas alarm in the gas area.

  According to the size of the valve, cut the appropriate thermal insulation cotton with an art knife. Then cut the iron wire to be bound with pliers. When wrapping the insulation cotton, tear the insulation cotton a little to make it bypass the valve handle and better wrap the valve body. After wrapping the insulation cotton, fix it with iron wire.

  In the process of use, if it is found that the valve cannot operate normally due to freezing, do not knock the valve with a wrench or other heavy objects. The correct way is to close the valve, thaw the valve with steam or hot water, and then open the valve.

  If the valve is not used for a long time, the medium in the pipeline shall be completely removed to prevent the pipeline and valve from freezing. Ensuring safe production is the obligation and responsibility of each enterprise. The matter of valve antifreeze can be large or small. We must not cause an irreparable situation because of temporary carelessness and negligence.