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The Main Working Features of the cylinder

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As we learned, cylinder is a part of actuator accessories and electric actuators. In order to know more about actuator accessories and electric actuators, there is some information about the function of cylinder as follows.

No load operating characteristics

No load performance refers to the pneumatic actuators under the condition of no load to make the minimum working pressure cylinder to produce the lowest pressure for action. This pressure to make the piston movement does not produce the crawling extreme pressure at low speed. It shows that cylinder processing quality of the sealing ring and the inner surface , the cooperate degree with the state as well as the reasonable degree of relevant structure.

Work load characteristics

Work load characteristics refer to the cylinder with a specified load, performing experiment under the prescribed work pressure and piston velocity .During the experiment, cylinder are required to have normal ability to act, and all parts of cylinder should have a certain strength.

Movement characteristics

Cylinder dynamic characteristic analysis is begin from the "hard equation, gas state equation and Newton's second law, and then write the column of the basic characteristics of dynamic equation. Actually, cylinder startup requires considerable period of time, so it cannot start immediately after the compressed air’s piping in.

Cylinder cushion characteristics

During the cylinder speed regulation, it is difficult to set in advance because gas is compressible. In order to prevent the impact, the end of the piston to the cylinder needs to set the buffering mechanism.

For cylinder is equipped with buffer device, whether it can absorb impact energy caused by the piston movement hinges on analysis and calculation. The piston moving parts such as the total mechanical energy is less than the buffer device in the ability to absorb energy thought they are both actuator accessories.

As a part of electric actuators, oscillating cylinder is a special one. It compresses air driving output shaft in an angle within a certain range for reciprocating rotary movement of the electronic actuators. What’s more, it always used for objects of dislocation, classification, clamping, the opening and closing of the valve, and robot arm movements, so on and so forth.

Additionally, as electric actuators is a crucial part of actuator accessories, more attention should be paid to it when working. For example, when the force of cylinder becomes big, the installation of the cylinder units should have some measures to prevent deformation and damage. And when the load current always changes in the schedule, you should use the output force abundant cylinder as well as the additional buffer device.

All in all, actuator accessories are very vital for a machine. If there are some problems in them, there is no denying that all the work will be affected as well.