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T Port 3 Way Electric Ball Valve 2 Inch Catalogue

-Electric actuator operated, automatic control;
-T type flow direction;
-3 way PVC ball valve, anti-corrosion
-Small and light type
  • FP2003-83G6

-Good anti-corrsion performance, stable in acid, alkali, salt, chlorination, oxidation environment;

-Smooth surface, the ball surface is smooth, with low friction when transport the fluid, it is hard to grow and adhere the bacteria and scale;

-Strong and pressure resistant, PVC ball valve is stronger than the polyolefin materials, under the same pressure, the diameter of the PVC pipe is smaller than the polyolefine pipe, save materials and the setting time;

-Good flame retardancy, oxygen limiting index is 60, the pipeline does not self ignite and does not support combustion;

-Good thermal insulation performance, low thermal conductivity, could save the thermal insulation material, no distortion;

-Good aseismatic performance, good modulus of elasticity, earthquake resistance and water hammer effect can be greatly reduced.


Dimension-3 way PVC ball valve

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