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Pneumatically Operated Butterfly Valve

The pneumatic double acting actuator uses an air supply to drive the valve open and closed. The actuator has two supply ports with one driving the valve open and the other driving the valve closed. Spring return pneumatic actuators use the air supply to open the valve and internally loaded springs return the valve to the closed position. Also available is the SV3 solenoid valve to electrically switch the air supply pressure between the air supply ports for opening and closing the valve. Actuators are constructed of anodized and epoxy coated aluminum for years of corrosion free service.
  • FP1000I111E1


  • 8481804909


FLOWX Resilient soft-seated butterfly valve has a metal actuator and is pneumatically operated. The butterfly valve is available in the nominal sizes DN 50–1000 and in various body versions – wafer, lug and U section.


  • Approvals: Drinking water (BV, CE, API, WRAS, ), gas (DVGW)

  • Low torques

  • Simple installation

  • Modular construction

  • Extensive applications using a variety of materials

  • Advanced seal design - even for larger diameters

  • Body coating in accordance with ISO 12944-6 C5-M

  • Suitable for coastal and offshore areas as well as in buildings with high condensation problems and contamination

Technical specifications

  • Connection: wafer 

  • Actuator: Pneumatic

  • Seal material

  • Body material: EN-GJS-400-15

  • Conformities: ; ACS; ATEX; Belgaqua; DVGW Drinking water; DVGW Gas; FDA

  • Max. operating pressure: 16 bar

  • Max. media temperature: 150 ° C

  • Min. media temperature: -10 ° C

  • Nominal sizes: DN 50 (2''); DN 65 (2 1/2''); DN 80 (3''); DN 100 (4''); DN 125 (5''); DN 150 (6''); DN 200; DN 250; DN 300; DN 350; DN 400; DN 450; DN 500; DN 600,DN800,DN1000

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