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Pneumatic Powder Butterfly Valve

Powder butterfly valve also named cement butterfly valve by powder plate, NBR sealing ring, covered with wear-resistant polymer material processing, with light weight, easy installation and maintenance, is a cost-effective pneumatic powder valve.There are manual, electric, pneumatic, gear motor drive and other driving devices, can be exchanged.Double-flange pneumatic powder butterfly valve with 2 same flange surface;The single-flange pneumatic powder butterfly valve section is provided with an extended connecting ring for mounting the soft sleeve.Compact structure, ultra-light weight, so that you can install and use more convenient;The industrial design combined with the use of composite plates provides the best sealing results and the longest service life.Powder butterfly valve can be widely used in powder, cement, flour and other powder medium occasions, to achieve a good use effect.
  • FP1000


  • FLOWX-FP1000

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Product Name:Pneumatic Powder Butterfly Valve   

Product Model: FP1000

Drive:Pneumatic(double acting/spring return)

Connection: Single/Double Flange

Stucture: The vertical plate type   

Seal: Resilient Material

Pressure range: 0.6Mpa -1.6Mpa   

Size: DN100-DN400

Material: Cast Aluminum

Brand: FLOWX

Dimension-pneumatic powder butterfly valve_副本