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Pneumatic Hard Seal WCB Body Butterfly Valve


-Pneumatic actuator operated, automatic control;
-WCB valve body, stainless steel valve disc;
-Wafer connection;
-Hard seal trip eccentric design, leak free
  • FP1010-19E2




-Hard-seal butterfly valve is a kind of component used to realize the on-off and flow control of pipeline system.

-It has been widely used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, and hydropower. In the known butterfly valve technology, the sealing structure is mostly a sealed structure,

-The sealing material is rubber, PTFE, and the like. Due to structural limitations, it is not suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and wear resistance industries.

-The existing one of the more advanced butterfly valves is a three-eccentric metal hard-seal butterfly valve.

-The valve body and the valve seat are connected components, and the valve seat sealing surface layer is surfacing with temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy materials.

-The multi-layer soft stack seal is fixed on the valve plate.

-Compared with the traditional butterfly valve, this type of butterfly valve has high temperature resistance, easy operation,

-No friction when opening and closing, and the seal is increased when the torque of the transmission, mechanism is increased during closing.

-The sealing performance and the advantages of prolonged service life.

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