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Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve Manufacturers

Pneumatic ball valve adopts new AT or GT pneumatic actuators, with double and single action, rack and pinion transmission, safe and reliable, the valve body and ball core are stainless steel, adopt silicon sol technology, and can be designed for casting structure and forging structure according to user needs and actual working conditions
  • FP2000 series
  • Flowx

DN50 DN40  10inch   3pieces pneumatic Stainless steel Socket Clamped Ball Valve 1000Wog

Floating Ball Valve.jpg


Floating Ball Valve.jpg


Floating Ball Valve.jpg


Product Features
  •  FLOWX 3-piece ball valve is designed for most of the industrial pipe line as full port product.

  • Size:1/4"~4"

  • Working pressure:1000PSI

  • Threaded End: Optional BSPT,NPT,DIN2999

  • Female Threaded End,Clamp End,Flange End,Butt Weld End and Socket Welded End.

  • (Optional) Locking device Handle

  • FLOWX VALVE Different material of soft kits will be applicable for different working circumstance

Material List

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Floating Ball Valve.jpg


Dimension List

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 Floating Ball Valve.jpg

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