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Lever Operated 4-Way Stainless Steel Ball Valve

-The fluid resistance is small
-Good seal performance
-Long and stable life span
-Lever operated

  • FP2001-23E3
Features & Benefits
  • The fluid resistance is small, connecting pipe cross section between ball and valve body is equal, apply the arc to connect the sphere channel, when medie fluid through the sphere, there is small resistance;

  • Good seal performance, Apply the high strength and with small elastic deformation PTFE, to achieve the good seal performance, guarantee the stability of the valves;

  • Long and stable life span, apply the Austenitic stainless steel for the trim and the light neck material, use the PTFE as the valve seat, to achieve the good corrosion resistance, prolong the life span of the valves.

  • Small and light weight, handle operated, economical, easy to apply.

Main Specification

Features-4 way ball valve


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