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Benefits of a Pneumatic Actuator

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A pneumatic actuator works by converting energy, which is usually in the form of compressed air. When it comes to pneumatic actuators, they offer a number of advantages to the users.


Components – Another major advantage offered by pneumatic actuators is their simple design and operating components. They are not just easily available, but are also relatively inexpensive & low priced.

Heavy loads – These actuators can easily tolerate heavy loads, and are thus, quite commonly used in a number of applications.

High force & speed – When used in linear motion control applications, wherein high precision is not a much essential parameter, these actuators offer high force and speed, which is difficult to find in any other actuator, except the hydraulic ones.

Easy accessibility of the source – For any pneumatic system to work, air is a major source. Easy availability of this source makes pneumatic actuators the preferred choice of many.

Easy channeling – Apart from being easily available, air can also be channeled and routed from one place to another. Thus, using the pneumatic actuators becomes easy through easy channeling of the source.

Safe to be used Pneumatic actuators are safe to be used. Thanks to the use of air, they are not flammable and are not susceptible to short circuit, in contrast to the electric actuators.

Storage functionality – It is great to understand the fact that as the pneumatic actuators contain just compressed gases, they can be stored even in the absence of electricity or power. Thus, the users get another benefit with their use.

Clean technology – These types of actuators offer a clean technology to the users as they are less prone to contamination. Due to the use of air, which is free from harmful chemicals the pneumatic systems are quite well known in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

No overheating issue – The pneumatic actuators do not overheat upon excessive use, and are thus favored by many users in applications that require longer use.

Cost-effective substitute – A pneumatic actuator is said to be a cost effective tool for systems. With its easy installation and maintenance, it has become a great option to go for when you are looking for inexpensive actuators.

High durability – Another benefit of having pneumatic actuators is that they offer a long term use, thanks to their high durability. It’s good to note that these actuators can easily sustain constant pressures, which is great when you compare them with the other types of actuators.