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3 Way Thread Connection Stainless Steel Ball Valve

-Every way of three ways could be the input way, and no leakage, could be L or T type according to the real working condition
-No need to pull down the whole valve to inspect and maintain after the decompression of the system
-L type or T type
-Small structure, beautiful look, good seal performance
  • FP200X-33E3
Features & Benefits
  • L-Port or T-Port Configurations

  • Threaded End Connections

  • 1/2” through 4 ”

  • Electric and Pneumatic Actuators

  • 4-Seat Design for high cycling

  • Cost-efficient Actuators

  • Secure True ISO Mounting Pad

  • Most models are direct mount for lowest possible stack up height

  • Ported 3 way ball valves offering excellent versatility for mixing and diverting applications

Material List

Material List-3 way thread ball valve

Dimensions-3 way thread ball valve