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Principle Display of Seawater Desalination:

Seawater desalination is the use of desalination to produce fresh water. It is an open source incremental technology that can realize the utilization of water resources. It mainly includes distillation (thermal method), freezing method and reverse osmosis method (membrane method). The company mainly adopts membrane seawater desalination technology and has the ability to carry out project design and engineering contracting.
In 2008 and 2011, it obtained the Indonesian AWAR-AWAR power plant seawater desalination project and the Sanmen nuclear power plant seawater desalination project. It has been in the seawater desalination industry. 
The Flowx has been initially established in the field. With the intensification of the global shortage of fresh water resources and the development of the desalination industry, the company will expand the field of desalination industry, develop various technologies and products such as membrane method and thermal method, and increase market share at home and abroad.

Water treatment equipment:

The valves used include pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic three-way ball valves, membrane single-seat regulating valves, pneumatic/electric butterfly valves, shut-off valves, and check valves