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The LNG gas supply system

The LNG gas supply system:

  The LNG gas supply system can provide low-pressure gas supply and high-pressure gas supply overall system solutions, fully satisfying WinGD two-stroke low-pressure main engine, ME-GI two-stroke high-pressure main engine, Wärtsilä, MAN-DF, MAK, Rolls-Royce, NIGATA four-stroke engine , The gas supply demand of different models such as gas boilers.
In order to verify the rationality of the GasLink™ FGSS system technology and process design, the scientificity of key equipment selection parameters, the accuracy of the PLC program of the electrical control system, and the provision of crew training, Qingdao Shuangrui developed Italy’s first simulation platform for FGSS .
  The system stores LNG fuel in low-temperature storage tanks, and provides gas fuel that meets the needs of gas supply equipment through pump pressurization and water/glycol vaporization heating to realize the LNG fuel supply function. Multi-point data acquisition is adopted to realize highly integrated automatic control, and the control system and safety system are designed independently to ensure the safe operation of the gas supply system.
   Adopt multi-working condition hierarchical control technology and buffer tank volume simulation verification to ensure the stability of system gas supply.