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Marine & Shipbuilding

Flowx offers flow control and automation solutions for the marine and shipbuilding industries.

Water Treatment Industry

Flowx is suitable for water filtration, wastewater treatment, ultra-pure water and other applications to provide high-quality products such as pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic three-way ball valves, membrane single-seat control valves, pneumatic/electric butterfly valves, shut-off valves, check valves, etc.

Filling Industry

Flowx's provides high-quality products such as pneumatic ball valves and pneumatic threaded ball valves for all kinds of filling, bottled and bagged.

Plastic Industry (Pneumatic Conveying)

Flowx provides high-quality pneumatic/manual flapper valves, electric/pneumatic/manual butterfly valves, pneumatic ball valves and other products for the plastics industry (pneumatic conveying) mixing machinery and pipe production lines.

Metallurgical Industry

Flowx's specializes in providing high-quality valve products such as pneumatic shut-off valves, pneumatic control valves, and electric control valves for roasters, alloy furnaces and other equipment.

Chemical industry

Handle everything basic and commodity chemicals to polymers and specialty chemicals with ease with Flowx products and automation accessories.

New Energy: Atl Lithium Battery

Flowx provides high-quality valve productsfor New Energy Atl Lithium Battery industry to speed up productivity.

Electronic Industry

Flowx provides high-quality valve products for Electronic Industry, which connect and protect the flow of electricity and data in various products we use every day.

Break Away Denitrification Industry

Flowx Break Away Denitrification Industry provides high-quality valves such as pneumatic control valves, electric ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, pneumatic ball valves, electric two-way valves, etc.

Petroleum Industry

Our diverse lineup of flow control and automation products delivers a solution for every facet of petroleum processing, from drilling to refining.

Pharmaceutical, Food, Powder Industry

Flowx Pharmaceutical, Food, Powder Industry provides pneumatic butterfly valves, GE diaphragm valves, pneumatic sanitary regulating ball valves and other sanitary valves.

Grease Industry

Flowx provides Grease Industry's with high-quality products such as wafer butterfly valves/flange ball valves/U-shaped butterfly valves.

Power Plant Industry

Flowx provides high-quality valve products for Power Plant Industry.

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