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Quality Is Online Every Day Is 3.5

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International Consumer Rights Day

International Consumer Rights Day (World Consumer Rights Day) is an international event festival. The event time is March 15th each year, which is determined by the International Consumers League in 1983. Its purpose is to expand the promotion of consumer rights protection, so that it can be valued worldwide, to promote cooperation and exchanges between consumer organizations in various countries and regions, and to better protect consumer rights and interests in the international context. Has the following rights: 

1. The right to security

Consumers have the right to protect their personal and property safety from damage when purchasing, using goods and receiving services.

2. The right to know

Consumers have the right to know the true conditions of the goods.

3. Right to choose

Consumers have the right to freely choose goods or services.

4. Right to Fair Trading

When consumers purchase goods or receive services, they have the right to obtain fair trading conditions and have the right to refuse compulsory transactions by operators.

5. Right of Claim

Consumers have the right to obtain compensation in accordance with the law when they suffer personal or property damage due to purchasing, using goods or receiving services.

6. The right of association

Consumers have the right to establish social organizations in accordance with the law to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

7. Acquire knowledge rights

Consumers have the right to acquire knowledge about consumption and consumer rights protection.

8. Right to be respected

Consumers have the right to respect their personal dignity and national customs when purchasing, using goods and receiving services.

9. Power of supervision

The right to report and accuse of violations of the rights and interests of consumers, and the right to make criticisms and suggestions on the work of protecting consumers.

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