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Italy Fresi invites you to participate in Shenzhen Lithium Battery Exhibition

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Shenzhen Lithium Battery Exhibition-Hall-1 B196~197

China International Battery Technology Fair/Exhibition (English name: China International Battery Fair, abbreviation: CIBF) is an international regular meeting of the battery industry sponsored by the China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association. It is the largest exhibition event in the international battery industry.

This exhibition will focus on displaying various power batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries, related battery materials, manufacturing equipment and instruments, battery recycling and reuse technologies, battery testing and certification technologies, power and energy storage system solutions, etc., around the world. And highlight the various

A series of achievements in the field of power batteries for new energy buses, passenger cars, logistics vehicles and electric two-wheeled vehicles, and in the field of new energy energy storage.

Italian Fresi has more than 10 years of experience in lithium batteries, and we look forward to having a beautiful date with you. We aim to provide you with one-stop service.


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